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PA - Anya Venillo by slamer165 PA - Anya Venillo by slamer165

I CANT STOP :iconpoke-apocalypse:


: Anya Venillo

Nicknames: Juliet-Nickname from her boyfriend only

       Viper-All around nickname

Age: 20

Gender: Female

Species: Seviper

Birthday: June 20th

Job: Weapon Maker

Weapon: Family Sword/Chain-Blade

Nature: Serious

Summary Characteristic: Quick Tempered

Ability: Shed Skin


-Dig (TM)

-Night Slash

-Dragon Tail (TM)

-Venom Drench

History: Anya was born in the small town of Agate Village, having been born into a long family line of Seviper. Her childhood was a difficult one, it being a same old boring routine. Chores, practice, battling, food, bed. Same day, over and over...She was often thought of as the “Loner Girl” in the  village...and then, HE showed up. A Zangoose had wandered onto their land...and He shouldnt have. She instantly engaged in combat with him, having wrapped him up in her coils and almost crushed him....almost....there was something about him...something...different. He wasnt like other Zangoose from the village. She spared him and the two had started to connect. She had gotten through to him, having a friend for once...The day she told her family however, she was turned down. Her family scolded her, telling her to never see that “Devil Boy” again. That...That just made Anya furious. In retaliation, she took the family sword with her, the one forged by her great great grandfather and used to fight in one of the Ancient Wars. She took off with Waarwe and they left, heading for the city of Goldenrod. Things were new here. Having come from a family of old traditions, Anya was...fairly new to this kind of civilization. The two of them got an apartment together and started a new life.

When the outbreak hit, Anya had been alone, Waarwe having gone off on a trip. She had been attacked by their neighbor and had to fight her off. Her parents had told her of this day from her old studies. Armageddon. The Reckoning. Judgement Day. This was the end of the world. And she needed to find one thing then. Her Waarwe.

Personality: Anya is a bit cold, it being a bit hard to try and make conversation with her, unless you count barking out orders as conversation. She has a small soft spot for children and has respect for those who can defend themselves. She has little tolerance for people who squander time, especially since now life has come down to survival of the fittest. She has a deep sense of honor, especially since her time with her family, refusing to leave others behind unless its absolutely necessary.

Hobbies: Reading, Studying, Learning, Training, Teaching others how to thrive, Cooking.

Likes and dislikes:

Likes: Chocolate, her boyfriend, her weapon, children, fighting

Dislikes: Zombies, her family, her boyfriend’s family, Zangeese (Minus Waarwe), her ‘Blood Frenzy’


-Anya comes from a long line of warriors, her ancestors actually being warriors for ancient wars. From this, her family has a “Blood Frenzy”. When fighting, she sometimes slips away and forgets who friend and foe is.

Theme song: This is completely optional and just for fun. The music has to reflect your character though.

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